🐾06/10/2022 dogshow news: Metz (F)

🦋Selena Di Papalino 1Exc CAC CACIB BOB and in the main ring selected (owner Hilde Cornelis)
thanks to the judge Judge Roger Madec (F) and judge Jean-Louis Escoffier (F)

🐾 05/11/2022 dogshow news: Bleiswijk (NL)

🦋 Ulina Di Papalino 1 Exc RCAC RCACIB

🦋 Sybelle Di Papalino 1 Exc CAC CACIB BOB

Thanks to the judge Tineke Pillement Heijden (NL)

🐾 30/10/2022 dogshow news Leuven (B)

🦋Tila’s Gold Rush 1 VP best Baby.
🦋Tila’s Excellent Fighting For Future 1VP best puppy and selected among the last 6 puppies in the main ring.

Thanks to the judge : Catalan Luís Manuel Calado (P).

🐾 16/10/2022 dogshow news Dortmund (D)
🦋 Selena Di Papalino 1 Exc CAC CAC BOB
and Bundessieger titel. (Owner Hilde Cornelis)
Thanks to the Judge Laurent PICHARD (CH)

🐾 16/10/2022 dogshow news Halloween Show Genk (B)
🦋 Tila’s Gold Rush 1 VP Best Baby
🦋 Ulina Di Papalino 1 Exc CAC BOB

thanks to the judges for the baby and puppy dog Marian Draganescu (Rom) and aldult dogs Mile B. Aleksoski